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Thursday, May 19, 2005

The French Paradox

Despite a diet stuffed with cream, butter, cheese and meat, just 10 per cent of French adults are obese, compared with our 22 per cent, and America's colossal 33 per cent. The French live longer too, and have lower death rates from coronary heart disease - in spite of those artery-clogging feasts of cholesterol and saturated fat. This curious observation, dubbed 'the French paradox', has baffled scientists for more than a decade.

After reading this article, it seems that the French are slimmer for various reasons:
  • smaller portions
  • eating slowly
  • not eating on the go
  • not eating in front of the TV
  • eating fresh foods instead of pre-prepared items
  • more daily exercise, such as walking & swimming
  • eating a majority of meals at home

Two books I'm hearing quite a buzz about are Chic and Slim: How Those French Women Eat all that Rich Food and Still Stay Slim by Anne Barone and French Women Don't Get Fat by Mirielle Guiliano. These books and a host of similar ones on the market claim to provide the secrets to enjoying food while staying slim. I think I might just have to read a few and find out for myself.


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