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Thursday, June 02, 2005

10 Uses For a Bedsheet

Many people have extra flat sheets or find them for next to nothing at thrift stores and yard sales. Here are ten uses for that sheet from the Quick and Easy Decorating message board:
  1. A curtain. The broad hem across the top of a flat sheet is big enough to thread a curtain rod through and hang over a window. Or drape over a tension rod and hang in an open doorway, built-in shelves or an exposed closet.--iVillager decorating_fool
  2. Duvet cover. Sew three sides of a bed sheet together; add some buttonholes, buttons or snaps. Voila!--iVillager flamingoluv
  3. A tablecloth.--iVillager jennifer_mansfield
  4. Cut out the pattern and use it as an applique on pillows or paste to the walls.--iVillager stephlb
  5. A canopy. Depending on the size of the sheet you can make a canopy over your bed. You could do it a couple of ways. The first one: Hang it over a traditional four-poster bed canopy (you might have to add ribbon to keep it tied to the posts). Though it wouldn't fall to the floor, it would make a nice short canopy. If you had a smaller sheet, you probably would have to get two and sew them together.
    The second variation: Get a post or rod. Attach it to your wall in between the posts of your headboard (about two to three feet above the bed). Then drape the sheet over the rod and let the sheet fall over the bed in an inverted "V" shape.--iVillager blueeyedgirl1967
  6. Wall covering. Cut off the hems and soak it in liquid starch. Smooth it onto a wall that you want to cover up. You have instant wallpaper! When you move or get tired of it just rip it off the wall, leaving the original wall finish undisturbed. Then launder the sheet.--iVillager flamingoluv
  7. Lampshades. If you get an extra flat sheet that matches your new duvet cover, you can re-cover your bedside lamps quite easily.--iVillager l.welker
  8. Wallpaper. I actually did this once. Staple the fabric at the top and bottom of the wall molding. You can hang the sheet on one wall and paint the other walls in an accent color. People were surprised to find out it was a sheet and not wallpaper.--iVillager lw56az
  9. Backing. Use as backing for a handmade quilt.--iVillager flamingoluv
  10. Seat cushions. Make seat cushions for your wooden kitchen chairs.--iVillager decorating_fool

From iVillage.


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