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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Q & A: Who Are H, D, and S?

A little girl, wandering past my computer and peaking over my shoulder, asked why she is called "D" on this blog when her name doesn't start with a "D." The answer is that typing our names out becomes tedious after awhile so I decided to call my husband "H," my daughter "D," and my son "S." Those are all pretty easy to remember, I think. I don't think she's pleased, though, as she really loves her name and loves to see it on my blog. C'est la Vie.

BTW, we say that a lot around here. It's our family version of "Oh, well, that's life." I started saying it when I was working on not getting so frustrated when things didn't go the way I wanted them to. At the time, S was two. He thought I was saying, "Say lah vee." So he would say, "Lah vee. Lah vee." That's a running joke around here; when someone says, "C'est la vie," everyone else replies, "La vie!"

Just so you don't think S is the only funny kid around here, I'll tell you that when D was 4 I would tell her that her uncle (paternal) lived in Miami. One day, someone asked her where her uncle lived and she replied, "In Mommy's ami." She thought I had been saying her uncle lived in my ami. It took a few years to make her understand that it was Miami and not Mommy's ami.


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