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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ponce's Victorian Firehouse

The Parque de Bombas de Ponce (Old Ponce Fire Station) was built as the main exhibit pavilion for the 1882 Exhibition Trade Fair. Architect Lt. Col. Maximo Meana of the Spanish Army designed the pavillion; he later served as Ponce's mayor. In 1885, the building was dedicated as Ponce's official firehouse--a function which it served for more than 100 years. The woodframe, Gothic structure exhibits a Moorish influence and is painted in bands of red and black. Today, the building serves as a museum honoring and commemorating Ponce's firemen.


Anonymous Humble Pie said...

I'll comment once for all the pictures if you don't mind. What a beautiful place and an even more beautiful family. Thanks for posting so many photos. I'd love to visit Puerto Rico in the future. It's warm there! Do you get there often?

7:00 PM  

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