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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ten Commandments For Homeschoolers

1) Thou shalt teach your children who God is as the foundation of all their education.

2) Thou shalt not worship the idol of academics, but thou shalt daily remind your children what God requires of them rather than teach them to fear the man-made requirements of the education establishment.

3) Thou shalt bring honor to God’s name by letting the law of kindness be on your lips at all times, even as you explain the multiplication tables for the bazillionth time.

4) Remember to take a break from the books by scheduling plenty of fun time, picnics, reading aloud together and games. Our creator God made beauty for us to enjoy, not just to classify.

5) Honor your children’s grandparents, even if they are skeptical about your homeschooling endeavor, by trying to find ways to include them in your family’s homeschool adventure.

6) Thou shalt not lose your temper, even on your most frazzled day, remembering that your sovereign God will not give you more than you can handle.

7) Thou shalt not neglect or nag your husband, but be grateful for how he makes it possible for you to homeschool your children by being a good provider, and don’t constantly wish he was like that “perfect” father you heard speak at the homeschool convention.

8) Thou shalt not accept government money to homeschool your own children, but pray for what you need to teach your children, knowing that God will provide all that is necessary without taking taxes forcefully collected from your neighbor.

9) Thou shalt be a godly witness in your neighborhood and community, setting a good example of how a homeschool family lives and blesses those with whom they come in contact.

10) Thou shalt not be a curriculum junkie, always looking for the new and improved version of the latest homeschooling fad, but settle on a reasonable method to teach the basics to your children, and spend more time conversing with them than cramming information into their heads. They will remember those heartfelt talks far longer than they will the facts you forced them to memorize so they could fill in the blanks.

From Carmon at Buried Treasure.


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