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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Way Down on Tampa Bay

Way Down on Tampa Bay
Words by A. Seymour Brown
Music by Egbert Van Alstyne

I just found out that my hometown was the subject of a song in 1914. How cute! You can listen here. Here are the lyrics:

First Verse

Twilight is falling, I'm so lonesome and blue,
Twilight is calling back sweet mem'ries of you.
And as the night breeze sighs in the palm trees
Somehow it seems to say:
My heart is yearning for your returning,
Way down on Tampa Bay.


On Tampa Bay the moon beams play,
When the harbor lights are gleaming
I am dreaming of the day
You won my heart, dear, then sailed away,
And you left me so lonely
Way down on Tampa Bay.

Second Verse

Moonlight is slowly stealing over the sea,
Moonlight just like the night you whispered to me;
Then all my gladness turned into sadness
After I heard you say:
Though we must part dear, I leave my heart here,
Way down on Tampa Bay.

Thanks to Sticks of Fire for the links.


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