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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

TV-Turnoff Week

Hello, my name is Mrs. Happy Housewife and I am a TV addict. Each year when TV-Turnoff Week rolls around, I get a little hopeful that this year I can take the plunge. Each year I fail. It would be a lot easier if TV-Turnoff Week wasn't scheduled during the last month of the TV season when all of my favorite shows are filled with dramatic plot twists. I have, however, spent the last few years reducing my TV viewing. Five years ago, DH and I watched nearly 3o hours of television a week. Shocking isn't it?! Now, because my favorite shows do not run at the same time of the year, I watch about 5-6 hours a week. Not great but an improvement.

In honor of TV-Turnoff Week, here are some great links:


Blogger Calla Lilly said...

Yeah! Thanks for the post! This evening has been hard for me to not watch TV because I am so tired, but it's too early to go to bed. Your post encouraged me to keep the TV off! This is the end of day 3, and it's the longest we've all gone without TV for years. How pathetic is that?! :) You had one or two links that I had not seen before, so I'll be sure to check them out.

7:08 PM  
Blogger Katherine Alba said...

Believe me, the effort is worthless. Hubby and I have been TV-free for over 3 years. Now, when we do have an opportunity to watch TV somewhere else, we're shocked at how brainless, unethical and plain wasteful TV is. I'm now more sensative to what's on TV and can see how it affects and how it dulls our conscience and senses. Now, even "family" TV shows bother me because I can see the sin and worldy failure of it. It is like a breath of fresh air not to have TV ruling our lives and murdering the gift of discernment God has given us. Oh, I know there's still good stuff on TV, but the temptation for the bad stuff isn't worth it. Nor are the shocking commercials that invade our homes. Keep it up, you'll be glad you did!!

7:19 PM  
Blogger Katherine Alba said...

Ooopps....I meant the effort is worthwhile NOT worthless! Sorry for the major typo!

7:21 PM  
Blogger Calla Lilly said...

lol! I thought that didn't look right!

6:46 AM  

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