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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Jennie B. and the Pilot - a Father/Daughter Love Story" Free Download!

Great news! Old Paths is offering a free download of the highly-sought-after message given by Jennie Chancey (of Ladies Against Feminism and Sense and Sensibility) at Vision Forum's 2005 Father/Daughter Retreat.

Entitled "Jennie B. and the Pilot - a Father/Daughter Love Story", this wonderful message, will encourage and inspire you (and most likely move you to tears!)! A loving tribute to Mrs. Chancey's father, as well as a clear and beautiful explanation of Biblical womanhood. This message also includes Mrs. Chancey's testimony of being homeschooled, going away to college, being indoctrinated into feminist thinking there and, finally, her journey out of feminism. Highly recommended, especially for young, unmarried women still under their father's roof. Gather the family together to listen (little boys will enjoy hearing the stories about Mrs. Chancey's pilot father)! This message is not copyrighted so please feel free to distribute it to others!

Thanks to Crystal for the link.


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