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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Q & A: Sunflower Hot Pad Holder

Q. Joanna asked:
First time here and with a silly question-where did you get the sunflower potholder in the picture?
A. That's not a silly question. A pretty hot pad holder is vital to kitchen decoration. ;) That one was part of a hot pad holder/towel set my FIL bought me a few years ago at Sam's Club. You can't really tell in the photo but that hot pad holder is about ready to retire. It's pretty worn and a tad burnt. I'm merciless on kitchen linens. To find a sunflower hot pad holder of your own, I recommend Walmart, Target, or Big Lots. I buy my kitchen and dining linens at Big Lots. You can find many good deals there. I fondly remember the time I found there a dozen Revlon lipsticks for a dollar each. A penny saved is a penny earned, you know. Now, I have a question: why do I call them hot pad holders? I have know idea; I just always have. Am I the only one who calls them that? I wonder.


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