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Monday, August 01, 2005

Quarantine Update

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and prayers. The children aren't completely well but they are doing pretty good and are helping their mama since nursemaid H went to work this morning. Days like today are when you see the fruit of your child training. Thankfully, I have spent much time teaching my children to be hardworking and self-sufficient. However, it is painfully obvious that they need some more training in getting along with each other. (This is especially true for little Mr. S.)

I am taking all my medicines and am taking it slow. Monday is laundry day and there's a backlog of dirty dishes so that's what I'll be trying to work on today. Also, God in His infinite mercy has given me enough strength to sit at my desk and blog. Thank you, LORD! So that's our work list for today: school, laundry, dishes, blogging. :)


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