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Saturday, September 17, 2005

"Sometimes a Shark is Just a Shark"

I love films and spend a little too much time lamenting the sorry state of Hollywood today. I always enjoy reading the Libertas blog: a forum for conservative thought on film. This post on the thirtieth anniversary of Jaws was very interesting. I've never seen it. Sure, I've seen clips on TV shows but I've never actually sat and watched the movie. I'm not big on that kind of movie but H has been on a quest to show me the "classics" I've missed: Rocky, Rambo, Alien, etc. I guess he hasn't gotten around to Jaws yet.

Anyway, the interesting part of the Libertas post is that, if Jaws were made today, it would be a very different sort of movie.
Would Jaws get made today? Yeah, I think so. But would it be as good even with the same talent available? No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so because the straight-forwardness of the script would be lost in today’s agenda-driven Hollywood. I think a woman would be put on the boat. Probably in the Dreyfus role. Not because she would be better – who could possibly be better than Dreyfus? – but for politically correct reasons. And she’d of course be a liberal environmentalist feminist who would remind us ad nauseum sharks don’t normally do this. And finally we’d learn the shark attack is “our” fault. That man, specifically America - specifically corporate America - had committed some environmental crime that affected the shark’s natural habitat, and with no choice the shark came to Amity to feed. In other words, poetic justice liberal style.
This is why Hollywood can't make really good movies: The Hollywood collective can't wrap its mind around the fact that sometimes a shark is just a shark. They overthink each project and make the whole process too complicated. Thank to "Dirty Harry" for illustrating this for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree with that. They probably would make the Dreyfus character a woman which would totally ruin the picture, in my opinion. It is important to know that JAWS is just a movie and a lot of sharks don't act like the shark in the movie. They made the shark pretty smart. Even the original author of the book fights for the rights of sharks and regrets that he painted sharks in such a bad light. However, that movie is the reason I don't go in the water. Shark attacks do happen and I don't think we should be in their territory and if we do go there we should be aware of the risks. It is a very scary movie and has some bloody parts. Even though the shark looks fake it is still scary. There is also some language in it. I usually see it on TV where they change the "S" word to "shoot" and stuff like that.

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