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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Tide-to-Go Instant Stain Remover *Update*

Previously, I posted about Tide's new instant stain remover. Well, let me tell you - it is wonderful. The family and I went with my husband's parents to Baskin Robbins for ice cream this afternoon. (By the way, their new flavors, Bumble Buzz: Honey ice cream with chocolate coated honey comb pieces and a dark fudge ribbon and SPF 31: Coconut ice cream with coconut macaroon pieces swirled with banana ice cream, are delicious. Go try them.) My son and nephew dripped blue raspberry sherbert all over their shirts and I whipped that Tide-to-Go out of my straw purse (the Tide-to-Go is about the size of a pen) and went to work on the stains. Right before my eyes, the blue disappeared. It was amazing. My mother-in-law couldn't believe it. She wanted one for herself so I ended up giving her mine but that's okay because my husband had the good sense to grab two when I showed them to him in SuperWalmart. He knows we're messy klutzes. :)


Blogger Jan said...

Just found your blog and really enjoy it. I'll be purchasing a Tide-to-Go after reading your review! I had never even heard of it! (I don't get out much).

10:07 PM  
Blogger Coffee and a Muffin said...

This is good to know! I'll have to see if I can get one of those babies. Thanks for the product review!

7:59 AM  

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