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Monday, August 29, 2005

Q & A: Dry Erase Board

Q. Crystal said...
You are so organized! What an inspiration. :) What do you use the dry erase board for on the wall? Just curious.

A. Crystal,

I wish I was really organized! :) H could tell you that I'm a bit of an airhead. I have A.D.D. so badly that I have to set a timer when I'm in the shower lest I spend an hour in there because I have no sense of time.

Our dry erase board is pretty old but it's very helpful. It serves four purposes. First, it is next to our main phone so we write phone messages on it. Second, because it is in the kitchen and next to the office, we write to-do lists and reminders on it. Third, because it is across from the kitchen table where the children do their schoolwork, it is used by their teacher (me) to show math operations, list assignments, etc. Last, it is a place for the kiddies to showcase their artistic abilities, as is shown in the photo above.

Next to the phone we have a copy of the phone numbers list which is also in my control journal and we keep spare house keys and keys to the backyard gate.


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