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Monday, August 01, 2005

Caution: Construction Zone Ahead

Here are pics of our current house construction. We tore down our rather large but poorly constructed (in wood!!! by the previous owners) family room and are rebuilding it in concrete. We also had a new concrete floor poured as the previous family room was lower than the rest of the house. We also had the floor extended to allow for a screened-in porch adjacent through French doors to the family room. The screened-in porch will have two ceiling fans for those hot, Florida days and evenings and we will put chairs and a table out there to relax and picnic and watch the kids play. H also had another slab poured in the back corner of the yard so that he can build a shed. Until it has a shed, the kids have reappropriated it for their own use as a playhouse. S is a construction guy while D tends their "house."

We have run into quite a few problems during this construction - mainly costs and contractors. (This is where Mrs. Happy Housewife says, "C'est la vie," and tries to remain calm and not worried or anxious.) We are hoping to have the construction done soon so we can move on to our other home improvement projects, including:
  • a new roof (current one is 20 years old and leaks)
  • ripping out the drop ceiling in the kitchen
  • new kitchen cabinets, counters, and sink
  • new dishwasher, fridge, stove/oven, and an over-the-stove microwave
  • tiling the whole house (better for our allergies and easier to keep clean)
  • repainting the outside of the house (no more Pepto-pink! from the previous owners) a nice sand color to match the stone accents on the front of the house
  • new windows
  • some landscaping in the front yard and a raised veggie bed in the backyard
  • the previously-mentioned backyard shed for H
  • new closet doors
  • new 6 foot side fence and gate to replace the dilapidated and pink! four-footer seen in the pics

You might wonder where the funds are coming from. H has a nice job but not that nice! Six years ago when we were looking to buy our first house (this one), we had the forethought to buy in a semi-rural area we believed would explode in new growth. It did and with the rising housing prices in our area our house appreciated greatly and we ended up with some home improvement mad money. It is truly a blessing from God.


Blogger Meredith said...

Looks like it will be a beautiful room with great views to the outdoors!

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