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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Napkin Folding

This month's Martha Stewart Living offers instructions with pictures on folding pinwheel napkins. (I love their idea of using bandanas for BBQ napkins.) Folded napkins are a cute addition to any meal and a fun way for children to help with the meal. My own daughter enjoys setting a nice dinner table - complete with lovely napkin folds.

Here are some links for various napkin folds:
Learn Fancy Napkin Folds
121 Restaurant Folds
Napkin Fold Demonstrations (videos)
Special Napkin Folding for Your Table
Three Easy Napkin Folds (from Martha Stewart)
Napkin Folds (with diagrams)
Napkin Folding Arrangements


Blogger Julie said...

Wow those napkins are so cute. I am teaching my girls (and learning right alongside them!) some ways to make your home nice on a strict budget. Napkin folding would be a great way to fancy up dinner!
I love your blog it is so inspiring! :)


11:32 AM  

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