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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Building a Master Schedule - Part 1

I downloaded the Final Master Schedule, Microsoft Word 2.0 Format (http://www.titus2.com/m-schedule1.htm) from the Titus 2 website. In Microsoft Word, I made my master schedule. For help in creating a master schedule, I recommend the following websites:

Most of our schedule is self-explanatory. You can click on the photos to read them.

From 8-10a.m. the kids work on school work they can do independently. I work on my daily chores, help with school work, and complete school paperwork (planning and such). My daily chores are: Monday - Laundry Day, Tuesday - Kitchen Day, Wednesday - Gardening Day, Thursday - Office Work Day, and Friday - FlyLady's Home Blessing Day.

From 1-2 p.m. we have a project time. Monday - Cooking lesson, Tuesday - Handwork, Wednesday - Games, Thursday - Crafts, Friday - Computer Game.

From 2-3p.m. the kids play or read quietly in their own rooms while Mom usually talks to her own mom (a thousand miles away) on the phone.

From 3-3:30p.m. each of us works on straightening and cleaning our own rooms.

From 3:30-4p.m. we work on the week's zone. Week 1 - Entryway, Porch, Living room, Dining room; Week 2 - Kitchen & Office; Week 3 - Bathrooms; Week 4 - Bedrooms; Week 5 - Family Room.

From 4-6p.m. the kids complete any schoolwork or chores they have yet to finish. If they've finished their work, they are free to play inside or out.

Our schedule is for Monday-Friday. I don't schedule the weekends; too many changes and nothing is constant. I also do not schedule H.

I keep our master schedule posted in the office next to the family calendar. Also, one copy is posted in each kid's room and another copy is in my control journal.

Part 2 will tell how I built my master schedule.


Blogger Spunky said...

I just took out my Titus 2 book and started working on our schedule. No where near as done as yours. But I did manage to blog about it today. Does that count?


This is also a great website.


9:11 PM  
Anonymous Candy said...

Aren't Master Schedules awesome?! :-)

2:24 PM  

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