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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cup-a-Cake Revisited

Months ago I posted about the Cup-a-Cake, a container for traveling cupcakes. This week I noticed that the Baker's Catalogue is now selling a set of Cup-a-Cakes for $5.95. However, it is currently on backorder and it appears you can't choose your Cup-a-Cake colors. The Baker's Catalogue is also selling a cupcake tree for a baker's dozen cupcakes. This is perfect for a birthday party or afternoon tea party.

Also from the Baker's Catalogue: a Take-it-along Timer and free goodies for joining the Baking Circle.


Blogger Laura said...

I love this Cup-a-Cake and will be buying a couple! Thanks for the idea.

I've been reading cooking blogs (part of my attempts to learn to *really* cook after many years of marraige) and recently came across "All Cupcakes, All the Time," which you might enjoy:

Thanks for an interesting website.

Best wishes,

7:53 PM  

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