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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Him vs. Them

As Christians, our main focus in life should be God but who comes next? Is our first loyalty to the man we chose and who chose us - our husband- or do we ignore our marriage in order to devote our attentions to our children? This was the topic of a recent New York Times article by Ayelet Waldman.

I wish some learned sociologist would publish a definitive study of marriages where the parents are desperately, ardently in love, where the parents love each other even more than they love the children. It would be wonderful if it could be established, once and for all, that the children of these marriages are more successful, happier, live longer and have healthier lives than children whose mothers focus their desires and passions on them.

Personally, I put my husband first and my children love me for that. They know that they are safe and loved - but they also know that their parents honor and respect each other above all others. My children are gifts from God and I work diligently to live up to that responsibility but my husband completes me. We have become one.

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