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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Jane Austen Action Figure Revealed

Previously, I posted about an upcoming Jane Austen action figure. Well, here is the beloved authoress in all her hard vinyl glory. The estimated arrival date for the action figure is July 2005. This website, however, is taking advance orders.

Description from the retailer:

This 5-inch tall Jane Austen action figure is made of hard vinyl and comes with a mini "Pride & Prejudice" and a writing desk with a removable quill pen. Despite a rather sheltered life, Jane Austen was able to capture the subtleties of human interaction so perfectly that her novels continue to be immensely popular.

Pride & Prejudice Trailer

View the new, longer Pride & Prejudice trailer at Working Title Films. Pride & Prejudice (P&P3) opening September 16, 2005.