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Friday, August 05, 2005

Probably More Than You Really Want to Know - Part 2

Continuing where I left off, here are some more things you probably didn't know about Mrs. Happy Housewife:

21. I've had severe depression for the majority of my life.
22. I was born on an army base. (And my mother was born on an air force base.)
23. I hate diamonds. I think they're boring and I can't understand why they are supposed to be a girl's best friend.
24. My birthstone is a Garnet but I was supposed to have Amethyst.
25. In Junior High, I wanted to name my future daughters Amethyst, Christmas, and America and call them Amy, Chris, and Merry.
26. I tried to name my daughter Sunshine or Sunflower but H thankfully put his foot down.
27. I also tried to name my daughter Jadzia after a character on Star Trek:Deep Space 9.
28. I was not on drugs or alcohol when I made any of these naming choices. It would be nice in hind sight, though, if I could blame them on inebriation.
29. The first thing I remember reading was the Frank & Ernest comic strip. High class literature, really.
30. I hated Jane Eyre.
31. I have green eyes.
32. I used to dye my hair various, unnatural shades of red.
33. I have many freckles but only on my arms.
34. I am Irish, Scottish, English, American Indian, and a pinch German.
35. I love dogs.
36. I hate cats.
37. I'm allergic to all fur & feathers.
38. I prefer sunrise to sunset.
39. When I was scared when I was a kid, I'd sing "Jesus Loves Me."
40. My favorite artist is Claude Monet.

To be continued.

Oilcloth Projects

Speaking of oilcloth, HGTV has an informative article on oilcloth online and Martha Stewart has six cute oilcloth projects on her website. I really like the oilcloth placemats. For more oilcloth project ideas, see the sample page at Oilcloth International.

Q & A: Oilcloth Aprons

Q. Meredith said...

I can't decide if I'd like an oilcloth apron or not. They're charming patterns, but an apron that absorbs seems more practical than one that repels. Have you ever used one before?
A. I haven't had an oilcloth apron but nearly all my son's bibs were oilcloth with a velcro closer and a catch pocket like the ones here. Mine came from Baby Superstore, which is now Babies R Us. I don't know if they still carry oilcloth bibs but they were great bibs and worked wonderfully. He had a circus one and a few with transportation themes. So cute!

Q & A: Painting Concrete Floors

Q. Suzan said...
Does anyone know of any books that would give ideas or stencils for the concrete floors. I have no imagination or artistic talent.
A. We're not planning to do any faux painting or designs on our floors so I haven't read any books on the subject but there are a number of books on painting concrete floors at Amazon. Anyone else want to chime in? Meredith, is there a book you'd recommend?