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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

I don't support the MS. Foundation but our whole family is excited that our daughter will be going to work with her daddy tomorrow. Because he works for a company that produces a 24 hour news channel, she will also be able to spend the morning learning about what goes on behind the scenes to produce the news channel. After a pizza lunch, she will "work" for her daddy in his office. Meanwhile, our son, who is too young to participate in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, will get to spend the whole day alone with Mommy (which he and I both think is a very special treat).

TV-Turnoff Week

Hello, my name is Mrs. Happy Housewife and I am a TV addict. Each year when TV-Turnoff Week rolls around, I get a little hopeful that this year I can take the plunge. Each year I fail. It would be a lot easier if TV-Turnoff Week wasn't scheduled during the last month of the TV season when all of my favorite shows are filled with dramatic plot twists. I have, however, spent the last few years reducing my TV viewing. Five years ago, DH and I watched nearly 3o hours of television a week. Shocking isn't it?! Now, because my favorite shows do not run at the same time of the year, I watch about 5-6 hours a week. Not great but an improvement.

In honor of TV-Turnoff Week, here are some great links: