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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cute Blog Wear

Check out Crystal's cute blog wear at Cafe Press.

Growing Kids God's Way

About 5 years ago, when D was 5 and S was 2, our church offered several weeks of a parenting class called Growing Kids God's Way which was taught with videos and a workbook by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. I think H and I learned a lot from the classes, including:
  • don't frustrate the child
  • give age related duties and privileges
  • expect obedience the first time - no telling the child over and over when he's not even listening
  • have child respond when told something so you know he heard you
  • have child say yes ma'am and no ma'am, yes sir and no sir
  • have child respond when called
  • have child repeat back instructions to verify understanding
  • have child call adults Miss, Mrs., or Mister So-and-So
  • insist on child not interrupting conversations unless it's an emergency
  • let your yes be yes and your no, no - don't be wishy-washy with you responses to child
  • give child a warning before he is expected to change activities, such as a five minute warning before time to eat or leave playground

With all this knowledge I gained from the parenting classes, I'm a little perplexed at the anti-Ezzo posts I find here and here and other places. It's not like I think the Ezzo's are totally fabulous but I don't think they're evil either. Maybe it's because I didn't take the Babywise classes everyone seems upset about. I nursed and then fed on demand and the kids slept sleep with us a lot (although I do try to get them to go back to their own beds). I don't think I would have enjoyed the Babywise classes as they seem to go against my attachment parenting instincts. However, if someone asked me whether I think Growing Kids God's Way is a good class, I'd say yes. It made a big difference for the better in my parenting.

Photos and Blog of Missionaries in Africa

Here is an interesting blog and a photo album for a missionary family in Africa. The blog is a little sparse but the photo album is great. I especially enjoyed the pics of the husband and wife mountain climbing.

Thanks to Susan of ByGrace for the link.