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Monday, August 15, 2005

Q & A: A Good Cloth Apron

Q. Brandy asked:
I'm not really a fan of those oil-cloth aprons that you posted on not too long ago, but I'd really like to get an apron. Do you know of a site that I can find a good cloth apron?
A. I recently bought an apron from Kitchen Wear Aprons. They sell a one-size-fits-all pinafore apron. It covers all the way around and has two pockets on the front. Mine is sunflowers on a blue background. I don't see mine on their website any longer but the fabric of mine is very good quality. I was only used to chef aprons so the pinafore style took some getting used to. In the beginning, I went around asking the family if my apron made me look fat. I am very happy with it now that I am used to it.

Two other places to purchase aprons from are YesterYear Linens and Cottage Primrose Aprons. I am hoping to soon purchase a second apron from one of these two shops.

End of Summer Sale

Poop Analogy

Blest with Sons has posted a great parable she made up. You really should read it; it's short and thought-provoking.


Mrs. Happy Housewife and family are going on vacation to Puerto Rico from September 1-11. This will be the first trip to Puerto Rico for the children and me. H is also very excited since he has not been back to PR in 11 years. We will be staying with H's brother and his wife and two children. We will attend our only niece's Christening, visit with H's extended family, and see the haunts of H's youth. As a lay historian, I am especially looking forward to spending time in Old San Juan. I plan to take many photos with our digital camera and H has informed me that, because he is taking his laptop, I will be able to blog while on vacation. Oh, the joys of technology!

Name Brand Clothes At Thrift Store Prices

If you live in Florida, Georgia, or Arizona, then you are a lucky duck. Let me tell you why: these are the states where you can find a Beall's Outlet. H and I have been shopping at our local Beall's Outlet for a few years now and we love it. Each store sells extremely discounted clothes leftover from department stores. I've noticed that most of the clothes in our local store are from JCPenney. Everything is usually 70% off and they have a section of the store where you can find clothes marked $1, $3, or $5. They also have a frequent shopper card and special discounts on Mondays for Seniors 50 and older.

Just this weekend, I left the store with a stack of $3 shirts by Izod and Sag Harbor. S got a few Van Heusen shirts and D got two lovely dresses. I've found some great deals on shoes at Beall's Outlet as well. My best deal so far was a pair of cork high-heeled Hush Puppies for $5. I'm not really into brand names but I do love quality-made clothing at cheap prices. A new, three dollar shirt is an even better deal than I can get at my local consignment shop and the quality is a grade above what I can buy at Walmart.

So, if you live in Florida, Georgia, or Arizona, I highly recommend you get over to a Beall's Outlet store and check it out.