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Monday, September 12, 2005

El Morro - Part 1

El Morro is amazing. I enjoyed the fort in St. Augustine, FL but El Morro makes the fort in St. Augustine look like a child's plaything. Note to self: don't wear light and flowy peasant skirt to very windy fort. I had a bit of a time keeping the hem down.

Our Grand Puerto Rican Adventure

11 days, 10 nights, 9 towns, dozens of cups of Cafe con Leche, 4 sick people, a 3-hour flight delay, one Christening, and one lost (and found) suitcase.

Day 1 - 9/1/05

We were the last of the family to arrive in PR for our only niece's Christening. H's parents and his oldest brother and family had arrived earlier in the day. Our flight out of Orlando was delayed for over 3 hours due to the plane's air conditioner malfunctioning. We finally arrived in San Juan after 10:30 p.m. and drove to where we were staying in Dorado (click on map to enlarge). It was after midnight by the time we ate and got to Dorado. Not a good start.

Day 2 - 9/2/05

As you can see, everything was brighter in the morning. Breakfast at my MIL's sister's house, which is also in Dorado. After breakfast we visited Cupeyville School where my MIL taught and where H and his three brothers went to school. Later, we swam at Playa Dorado and had dinner with my MIL's sister.

Day 3 - 9/3/05

We drove through San Juan and some of its municipalities. We saw the hospital where H was born. We drove around Old San Juan and visited El Morro. That night we had dinner at Tio Flor's hacienda in the mountains outside San Juan. Tio Florencio is my MIL's uncle. He and his wife, Anita, and their daughter, Lillian were wonderful people. We had a lot of fun with them. Tio Flor wanted to give D a kitten. Here are the kids and I on the balcony with Tia Anita and Tio Flor with my MIL on the right.

Day 4 - 9/4/05

The Christening and then a party in the park...at noon...in Puerto Rico. Let's just say we didn't need any ice sculptures because all the people were melting. The food was great, though. This was the day I got sick. Asthma and extreme heat don't mix. Later, we drove through the mountains and Ciales (click on map).

Day 5 - 9/5/05

El Yunque. This is the day the kiddies got sick. Mainly D.

Day 6 - 9/5/05

We packed up in Dorado and went to my BIL's (father of niece) in Guaynabo (see map). The rest of the Tampa family flew home. H, the kids, and I went to the art museum in Santurce. Most of their art was modern but they had a nice Santos (religious statues) exhibit. Then, we went to Old San Juan and explored until our rental car broke down...in the rain...in the dark. We waited two hours for the rental company to bring a new one. We got a nice, fat discount out of that.

Day 7 - 9/7/05

We drove to Ponce (see map) and saw their famous firehouse. The main reason for visiting Ponce, though, was their art museum. It was fabulous. Then, we got lost outside of Ponce for a while until we found Tibes.

Day 8 - 9/8/05

Camuy Caverns and Arecibo Observatory.

Day 9 - 9/9/05

Back to Old San Juan. Saw Fort San Cristobal. This is the day H finally got sick.

Day 10 - 9/10/05

Spent the morning packing and then visiting MIL's sister. The afternoon and evening we spent with H's godmother and her new family. (She was widowed several years ago and has married a wonderful widower and gained more children and 5 grandchildren.)

Day 11 - 9/11/05

Breakfast with BIL & family then flew home. Flight on time but we almost missed it due to long security checklines - even though we had arrived over 2 hours early. The kids lucked out and got two of the extra first class meals. And then they slept for a while. What a blessing! :) Actually, the kids were pretty great the whole vacation. Landed safely. American lost one of our suitcases. They delivered it here at home today. Ate at Cracker Barrel in Orlando. Puerto Rico has great coffee and bread but I sure did miss stick-to-your-ribs Southern food. Drove home.

Many, many, many more pics to come.

We're Back!

We got home last night. We're alive...but not well. :( Even H of the invincible immune system is sick, too. Today we are going to make the rounds at the doctors.

I missed blogging. Thanks for all ya'll's prayers. We had a safe trip and a great time. Later, I will try to post pics.