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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Q & A: Jury Duty

I received an email this week from Anonymous:

Do you beleive in is right for women to serve on jurors? If not, and you were called in for juror duty, what would you say?

I have yet to find anything in the Bible prohibiting women from jury duty. If someone has, please let me know. If called for jury duty, I would serve. However, H says I'm much too biased for jury duty. Maybe it's well and good I've never been called.

Verse It

If you have trouble thinking of what to write in cards, you might be interested in Verse It.
We have put together a selection of verse ideas, etiquette guidelines and tips to help you plan your celebration. Take time to explore our site and enjoy the excitement of planning your special occasion!

Free Pier 1 Kids Gift Card

I have a Pier 1 Kids gift card which I will not be using. It gives $20 off each of 5 purchases of $100 or more. Expires 10/31/05. If you want it, just email me and I'll mail it right away.

Thank You, HomeschoolBlogger.com

Thank you, HomeschoolBlogger and Spunky. I'm honored to be chosen as Blogger of the Week. I'm also very happy to be lucky enough to win the gifts donated by Crystal Paine.

If you're a homeschooler, you'll love the camaraderie of HomeschoolBlogger. I recommend you take a look.