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Saturday, July 30, 2005

We're Under Quarantine

That's right, we're all sick (except H, who is also known as "Mr. Super Immune System). Sore throats abound, along with coughs and fevers. I've also got the complimentary Asthma problems which always accompany any respiratory ailment I catch so I'm taking about six hundred pills and breathing treatments on my nebulizer. S caught the bug first and gave it to D and I. We made the doctor rounds yesterday and followed up with a rather frightening bill at the pharmacy. Thank you, God, that H has such good insurance. As it is, we being sick puts quite a pinch on the old wallet. The pediatrician says D and S are very contagious so we're under quarantine this weekend - no swim lessons, no library, no nada - so we've got the sick day blues. H is playing nursemaid. What a wonderful man he is; he always takes such good care of us! So I shall go rest now on my sick bed. Your prayers are much appreciated. Sayonara.

Q & A: Who Are H, D, and S?

A little girl, wandering past my computer and peaking over my shoulder, asked why she is called "D" on this blog when her name doesn't start with a "D." The answer is that typing our names out becomes tedious after awhile so I decided to call my husband "H," my daughter "D," and my son "S." Those are all pretty easy to remember, I think. I don't think she's pleased, though, as she really loves her name and loves to see it on my blog. C'est la Vie.

BTW, we say that a lot around here. It's our family version of "Oh, well, that's life." I started saying it when I was working on not getting so frustrated when things didn't go the way I wanted them to. At the time, S was two. He thought I was saying, "Say lah vee." So he would say, "Lah vee. Lah vee." That's a running joke around here; when someone says, "C'est la vie," everyone else replies, "La vie!"

Just so you don't think S is the only funny kid around here, I'll tell you that when D was 4 I would tell her that her uncle (paternal) lived in Miami. One day, someone asked her where her uncle lived and she replied, "In Mommy's ami." She thought I had been saying her uncle lived in my ami. It took a few years to make her understand that it was Miami and not Mommy's ami.

A Book I Didn't Want to Put Down

This isn't my book review for Hedges, so don't get too excited, but I just had to say that this book is great. The minute it arrived, I had a hard time putting it down. I finished the book in about two hours (less if you subtract mothering interruptions). Everyone should read this book, especially married couples and men in the business world. The advice in this book could save a multitude of marriages. As soon as I watch the accompanying DVD, I will write a more thorough review. Until then, you simply must read this book!