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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Review: Madagascar

This past weekend, my husband and I took the chicklets to see Madagascar. It was free due to the movie theater botching our first attempt at seeing this movie. So, how was the movie? Well, if I had had to actually pay for it, I think I would have been disappointed. Compared to our recent movie outings, it just wasn't up to par. The Incredibles was...incredible... and Because of Winn-Dixie was not that great but it had its heart in the right place.

The storyline of Madagascar was semi-amusing. Many of the jokes were directed to adults, such as movie and TV references. (Attention Hollywood: little kids are not familiar with the theme song to "Born Free" and do not get the joke.) There was a lot of nonsense about how friends don't let friends eat mammals that got in the way of any real storytelling. The main characters, a lion, a hippo, a giraffe, and a zebra, were silly and not that interesting. IMHO, the penguins were the real stars of the movie. I would definitely watch a penguin-only sequel. Think superspies-meet-the-three-stooges. They were very funny.

My fellow reviewer, David (7), says there was too much potty humor. That's true. My other fellow reviewer, Elizabeth (9), was displeased with the skeletons used for laughs. She's not into bones. On the "Mrs. Happy Housewife Movie Review Scale" of Watch it, Rent it, or Avoid it, I give it a Rent it.

For a more detailed review, see Screen It.

Calorie Counting

Last year, my husband lost 100 pounds and I lost 55. We did it through calorie counting and walking/biking a few times a week. We tried to keep our daily count below 1200. After a break from calorie counting, we're now back at it again. He wants to lose another 50 pounds at least and I want to lose the 15 pounds I've gained back. (I think I ate too many yummy ice cream sandwiches recently.) Most products have the calories on the package but when they don't we use info from Nutrition Data. They have many features, including calorie counts for several fast food joints. Look up your favorite fast foods and you'll be totally shocked. Meanwhile, I'll be counting my calories.

A Few Clerihews for Jane Austen's "Emma"

Emma was a dear
But in love did interfere
'Til she found love rightly
In the handsome Mr. Knightley.

Poor Miss Taylor -
As a governess, a failure,
And she gained a devious son
When she married Mr. Weston.

The Vicar, Mr. Elton, tried
To make wealthy Emma his bride.
A proposal from that dolt
Caused her every feeling to revolt!

Chattering Miss Bates
Speaks when she should hesitate
But Hetty swallowed a bitter pill
When Emma was rude on Box Hill.