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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kelo vs. New London T-shirts

Buy yours here.

Thanks to Palm Tree Pundit for the link.

Pride & Prejudice Movie Website

The new Pride & Prejudice movie finally has a website. It's still being built so have patience. You can also view behind-the-scenes pics here and here.

There is also a rumor that the opening date is being moved.

...Pride and Prejudice (Focus Features), is moving its opening date to November 11 from a previous opening date of September 23...

Thanks to AustenBlog for the links.

Control Journal

Candy posted her Home Management Binder and asked readers to post their own so here's my FlyLady Control Journal. Click on any photo to enlarge it. This is the cover.

I have 5 tabs: Phone Numbers, Daily Routine, Zones, FlyLady Basics, and Take-out/Delivery. The Phone Numbers section has one page in a clear sheet protector. The page includes our phone number and address, along with directions to our house. It has emergency numbers, and phone numbers for friends, family, and neighbors. It has medical numbers, including all area hospitals and the local pharmacy, and it has numbers for the library, water department, and electric company. I have another copy of the page next to our phone in the kitchen.

In the front pocket of the binder, I have a master grocery list where I just mark the box next to the product and list the number needed. I have the catagories aranged like the grocery store aisles. I have blanks in each catagory for write-in items.

The second section of my control journal has a Before Bed Routine, a Morning Routine, an Afternoon Routine, a Weekly Plan, and a Home Blessing Hour Routine. Below are the Before Bed Routine and the Morning Routine.

This is the Afternoon Routine.

This is the Basic Weekly Plan.

This is the Weekly Home Blessing Hour Routine.

Control Journal - Part 2

In the third section, Zones, I have a map of my house divided into 5 areas. Each week is to be spent detail cleaning a different area.

Zone 1 Cleaning List

Zone 2 Cleaning List

Zone 3 Cleaning List

Zone 4 Cleaning List

Zone 5 Cleaning List

The fourth section, FlyLady Basics, has How to Declutter, Declutter 15 Minutes a Day, FlyLady's Eleven Commandments, and FlyLady's 11 Points to Preparedness for Evacuation. The fifth section has local take-out and delivery menus.

Way Down on Tampa Bay

Way Down on Tampa Bay
Words by A. Seymour Brown
Music by Egbert Van Alstyne

I just found out that my hometown was the subject of a song in 1914. How cute! You can listen here. Here are the lyrics:

First Verse

Twilight is falling, I'm so lonesome and blue,
Twilight is calling back sweet mem'ries of you.
And as the night breeze sighs in the palm trees
Somehow it seems to say:
My heart is yearning for your returning,
Way down on Tampa Bay.


On Tampa Bay the moon beams play,
When the harbor lights are gleaming
I am dreaming of the day
You won my heart, dear, then sailed away,
And you left me so lonely
Way down on Tampa Bay.

Second Verse

Moonlight is slowly stealing over the sea,
Moonlight just like the night you whispered to me;
Then all my gladness turned into sadness
After I heard you say:
Though we must part dear, I leave my heart here,
Way down on Tampa Bay.

Thanks to Sticks of Fire for the links.

Be Fruitful and Multiply

The homeschooling Duggar family of Arkansas is expecting a new member (child # 16) this October. I first heard about the Duggars last year when they were featured in a special on the Discovery Health channel. Read their FAQ here. Congrats to them!

Thanks to Izzy for the link.