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Friday, August 26, 2005

Housework in Dresses: A Photobiography (Part 5)

Sorry, just one photo today. Sick kids, an under-the-weather Mama, and Katrina are not conducive for housework or picture taking. I wanted to show this skirt, though, because I love it a lot. It always gets compliments but it was only $7 from Walmart. The top was also from Walmart. I believe it was about $10. That makes it the most expensive clothing item of the week. The sandals and tortoise shell headband are from earlier this week.

Housework in Dresses: Photos of Other Ladies

I'm not the only one posting photos this week. Check out these lovely ladies:

Please let me know if I have overlooked anyone.

Dressing Tips

Carmon of Buried Treasure Books has a great post today, Top Ten Ways to Be Modest Without Being Frumpy. I'd like to add my own list of dressing tips:
  • Avoid clothes which are too large or too tight.
  • Search your phone book or Yahoo's yellow pages for consignment shops, outlet stores, and thrift stores in your area and then visit these places on a regular basis.
  • Don't buy anything you don't love; it will just haunt your closet.
  • Accessorize: "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize." That's not true, of course, but a pretty or unusual accessory can really enhance any outfit.
  • Wear a pretty apron to keep your clothes spot-free. I often wear mine even to eat.
  • Don't go around wearing stained, wrinkled, or holey clothes. If you don't like to iron, buy a steamer. I love mine.
  • Find out what your colors are and buy your clothes in those colors. I'm a fall; I look best in brown, olive, cream, navy, rust, forest green, etc. H and the kids are winters; they look best in white, black, orange, green, blue, red, jewel tones, etc.
  • Wear comfortable yet attractive shoes. Woman can not live in tennis shoes alone.
  • For some activities, skorts or culottes may be better for you.
  • Remember that even around the house there are people seeing you: your family. We should try to look our best, especially for those we love.
  • Fix your hair. You don't have to spend hours but some simple hair maintenance does a world of good.
  • And like Carmon says in her post today, the prettiest things you can put on are a smile and a good attitude.

Announcing SHF #12: Cooking Up Custard

The 12th edition of Sugar High Friday will be on September 16th and will be hosted by Elise on her fabulous cooking blog, Simply Recipes. This month's theme will be "Cooking Up Custard."
According to the Food Glossary, "Custard is a thick, rich, sweet mixture made by gently cooking together egg yolks, sugar, milk or cream, and sometimes other flavorings. It is enjoyed on its own or is used to make other sweet and savory dishes."

I've never made any custard so I'll have to start looking for a recipe I like. SHF is a really fun cooking carnival. Anyone can participate and it broadens your cooking horizons. Won't you join the sweet fun?

Q & A:Scarves Every Day?

Q. Mom of many said...

Do you wear a scarf every day? Or just when you are cleaning? I used to wear them and may start up again. I love the look.
A. I like to wear scarves as headbands. Since I've let my hair grow long, a headband helps to pull it back a bit. When I wear one, I wear it all day long. I posted more about my scarves here.


Martha Stewart has revealed a few details about her upcoming show, "Martha." She also discussed aspects of her other new show, which is her version of "The Apprentice" but I'm not planning to watch it so I'll just let interested parties sashay over to Fox and read the rest of the article.

"Martha" details:
  • live and syndicated weekday show
  • premieres September 12
  • the set is a Manhattan loft "done up in signature Stewart tones, complete with a fully functioning kitchen and a garden area for growing houseplants."
  • how-to show with entertainment
  • live audience
  • not a talk show

Audioblogger: Reach Out and Touch Someone

I was amazed when I visited Donna-Jean's blog, Liberty and Lily, and found an AudioBlogger button. It was wonderful to hear her and I couldn't help but be thankful that we live in such a technologically advanced time. I might make my own audio blog post later. I hate the sound of my voice, though.