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Monday, June 06, 2005

Printable Coupons

She sees that her trading is profitable, - Proverbs 31:18a
I like to save money but I don't get coupons from a newspaper subscription because I read the news for free online. Here are two websites I use to find and print coupons:

SmartSource.com (mainly grocery store coupons)
ValuPak (coupons for many products and services)

Apron Threads

If you love aprons like I love aprons, you'll enjoy Apron Threads (link from Coffee and a Muffin). This picture is my favorite one from the website's gallery.

My own apron has seen better days. There are a few stains that haven't come out. The fabric is thin from the many washings it's endured. It wasn't a pretty apron to begin with; it is one of those basic chef aprons in basic medium blue. I need a new apron and I'd like to sew my own so that it can look exactly like I want it to but I am hesitant to part with my blue apron. It's like an old, worn war veteran that I hate to turn away from the call to battle. It's done it's apron duties: protected me from cooking splatters and tub splashes, helped me carry things to and fro, and dried my hands and my children's tears. The fact of the matter, though, is that it is just too unsightly to wear anymore. I have to get to work and sew a new one but right now breakfast is waiting so excuse me while I put on my apron and get to work.