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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Telling It Like It Is

Thank you, La Shawn Barber, for telling it like it is:
Christians are commanded to tell unbelievers they’re under God’s righteous judgment and warn them of the wrath to come, which will be delivered when Christ returns. By man’s standards, that’s not “nice.” But under God’s perfect standard, it’s the “nicest” thing imaginable because He graciously and lovingly offers reprieve, a way to avoid that wrath.
Too many Christians (myself included sometimes) are afraid to rock the boat: there is a hell and people will go there. It's not pretty and it's certainly not PC but it's the truth. Thanks again, La Shawn.

Vintage Scarves

Ask any fashionista and she'll tell you that scarves are very popular right now. They can be worn many ways: as a hat band, tied around the neck, through belt loops, as kerchiefs, on ponytails, or (my personal preference) as headbands. About a year ago, my mother-in-law blessed me with her stash of scarves - many older than my husband. I had never had a scarf and wasn't really interested in them but, not being one to look a gift scarf - I mean horse - in the mouth, took the pile home and stuffed them in a dresser drawer. Recently, as I was looking for a new way to wear my hair I realized that a scarf would make a more comfortable headband than the sharp-toothed, plastic ones I normally wear. Being that I always just wear what I like, regardless of fashion trends, you can imagine my surprise when my scarves-as-headbands started drawing attention from strangers. Each person was shocked to hear that said scarf was a vintage castoff courtesy of my mother-in-law. It just goes to show you that one woman's junk is another woman's fun fashion accessory.

A Java Jolt the Mrs. Happy Housewife Way

True to my Irish and Southern roots, I've always been a tea drinker. I like sun tea with honey, unsweetened iced tea with lemon, or hot Irish Breakfast tea with honey and lemon. My husband, being true to his own roots (Spanish and French), prefers coffee. So my adventures with Java began with my marriage. I struggled to maintain my tea-only lifestyle but it was all in vain. One day, while suffering from mega-sleep-deficiency, I succumbed to the dark side and gulped down a Cup of Joe.

Now, in my husband's family, they make coffee with a special coffee pot but I stick to my Kitchenaid, thank you. So, how is a cup of Java Juice from Mrs. Happy Housewife different than others? First, you brew a pot of extra-strong, Cuban-style espresso. We prefer the Pilon and Cafe Bustelo brands. Next, you pour your regular milk into a mug and heat it in the microwave for a minute. I like a lot of milk so I fill the mug half way. Next, add your sweetener to your heated milk. I use two tablespoons of Splenda. Stir briskly. Now, pour in the espresso and stir briskly again. Finally, relax and enjoy your hot, tasty, foaming Java Jolt.

Recently, we discovered a tasty line of flavored coffee syrups made with Splenda at SuperWalmart. It's the Da Vinci brand. We've tried the Vanilla flavor and it was nice. Although it didn't produce the foam we usually have when stirring the Splenda in briskly, it was good for those times when your coffee needs a little pizzazz.