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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Housework in Dresses: A Photobiography (Part 4)

Today is Office Day, in which Mrs. Happy Housewife attempts to bring order to the chaos that is her desk. I try to file and handle our paperwork on this day. I am wearing a $7 skirt (consignment shop; had the JCPenney's tags still on it), a $3 Izod shirt (Beall's Outlet), $15 Dockers Women leather penny loafers (Beall's Outlet), free earrings (gift), and a $2 or $3 tortoise shell headband. Here you see me with my Control Journal, on my treadmill, on the computer, and dusting.

You Know You're Getting Old When...

Okay, it's official: I must be old because Punky Brewster is now a mom. Check out the baby's name. You didn't think a woman named Soleil Moon Frye was going to give her baby a common name did you?

Super Savings on KitchenAid Appliances

Check out these great KitchenAid deals at Amazon. Most of the already discounted items also have mail-in rebates and you can get free shipping. I can personally recommend the 9-Speed Professional Hand Mixer and the 7-Cup Food Processor with Mini Bowl.

Friends of Israel

I'm a Proud Friend of Israel! Are you? See here for more info.

All Cupcakes, All the Time

If you love cupcakes, you'll love this blog full of recipes and enticing photos. It makes me want to bake some cupcakes tonight.

Thanks to Laura for the link.

Useful Blender Info

If you have a blender, you will probably find this info from Elise at Simply Recipes quite interesting.

About That Flag on the Blogger Bar

It allows blog visitors to notify Blogger of questionable content. The way I speak my mind here, I won't be surprised if someone objects.

Thanks to Tongue Tied for the link.

Holding On and Letting Go

While eating dinner last night, I had an interesting conversation with my children (H was away at class). S said he'd like to be an Independent when he grew up. I believe this stems from our recent conversation on George Washington and his views of political parties. I am a Republican; I think everyone here knows that. D told S that if he wasn't a Republican, Mommy would be mad at him. She was laughing and joking but I became very serious. I would never do that and I made sure they understood that. D said she knew I wouldn't; she was just playing around. I said, "Let's not play like that."

It's hard being a parent. You want to pass on your beliefs and values but at some point you realize that your children are people independent of you and they are possibly going to travel down a path you'd never choose. You have to know when to hold on and when to let go. I hope I'll always know which to do.

Along these same lines are this quote from Cindy Sheehan:
I begged Casey not to go. I told him I would take him to Canada. I told him I would run over him with a car, anything to get him not to go to that immoral war.

I have a lot of sympathy for Mrs. Sheehan. It would break my heart to lose one of my children. However, I think a 24 year old man is of an age and stage of life where a parent has to let go. At 24, I had been to college, had been married for 5 years, had two children, owned a house, etc. If you can vote, marry, drink, and serve your country, I think it is time for Momma to cut the apron strings.

Some readers may not agree with my opinion; however, please remember to play nice. This is, after all, my tea party and I reserve the right to send guests home without cake and ice cream.

Thanks to Powerline for the quote and link.

P.S. I just love [insert sarcasm] when people claim Washington was a Federalist. Do people not read our historic documents? I guess not.