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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Probably More Than You Really Want to Know - Part 3

Continuing where I left off:

41. I met and became friends with my husband in high school while we waited every day after school for our chronically-late parents to pick us up.
42. We had actually been introduced at a school football game by a mutual friend the year before but neither of us remembered that.
43. He didn't know that several girls, including a teen model, were interested in him and I had to "strongly dissuade" them from pursuing him.
44. My husband was, and is, my best friend.
45. I love watching Sci-Fi movies and TV shows with him.
46. My favorite tea is Irish Breakfast with honey and lemon.
47. I saved my kids' umbilical nubs when they fell off.
48. I had to have speech therapy when I was a very little girl.
49. I also wore leg braces at the same time - a la Forrest Gump.
50. When I was six years old, my favorite shows were Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, Days of Our Lives, The Dukes of Hazard, and Dallas.
51. That same year, I stood on my movie theater seat and cried, "Don't kill E.T.!"
52. I think beer is gross and disgusting.
53. My son thinks and acts just like me. H calls him my clone or my mini-me.
54. My first love was Guy Williams as "Zorro" and I think it is no coincidence I married a tall, dark, and handsome Spanish man.
55. I had my first bike for only a few hours before I ended up in the emergency room needing stitches.
56. I am very uncoordinated and prone to sudden, unexplained falls.
57. My favorite books of the Bible are Matthew and Proverbs.
58. I went to college on an academic scholarship.
59. I've lived near the Gulf of Mexico my whole life but I never swim while at the beach, preferring to beachcomb for shells instead.
60. My first non-babysitting job was at the register of a Little League concession stand, where I had to add totals and make change in my head. I was really good at it but don't ask me to do that kind of thing now.

To be continued.