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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Homemakers for America

"Homemakers for America Inc. is made up of a diverse group of women who share the core values of God, Freedom & Family. We recognize the great legacy our founders left us when founding this nation and constructing the constitution. Further, respect our freedom documents and what they stand for. It is our desire to preserve this great legacy through our influence in our homes, our communities and in the nation."

Read about Homemakers for America here. The HFA blog is interesting.

The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands

I read Dr. Laura's book recently and enjoyed it. She will be on Focus on the Family on May 19th and 20th.

"Dr. Laura explains how women can enjoy more satisfying marriages by caring for their husbands' emotional needs. (2 Parts)"

The Woman's Role in Marriage

Listen here to Dorothy Patterson's speech to the Concerned Women for America.

A Frugal, Simple Life

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Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections

"...a traveling exhibit comprised of photographs, text in story form and 200 vintage aprons.

Prompted by project writer and apron curator EllynAnne Geisel, the contributors to Apron Chronicles recall a woman who'd worn an apron and what she represented to a family; an event when an apron was worn; recipes; values and traditions from gentler, less complicated times; the bond between parent and child; survival; friendship; opportunity; challenge, and modern perspective. "

The Appeal of Aprons

Crochet your own daisy apron with free instructions from Country Living online.

Modest Gowns for Your Special Day

"At Covenant Wedding Source, we believe in the forgotten art of modest, feminine dressing. We have searched bridal shops for decent gowns and have found them to be extremely scarce. For those, like us, who desire not to sacrifice such qualities on their wedding day, we are pleased to offer a line of modest, high-quality, and affordable gowns. Each gown we sell is sewn by an experienced seamstress. We work with you to decide the best size, style, design, and fabric to meet your needs."